October 13, 2018
4 months and 21 days left
until our reunion.

Come to the reunion, the weekend of October 12-14, 2018.

Fifty Years, People!!

Whether you come or not, the first thing you should do is click on the Classmates tab and enter your information. You can come back later and edit it. PLEASE add pictures, then and now, if you can. YOU may not approve of what you looked like or look like, but others will appreciate it. And put in your address. It won't be displayed publicly, but it will place you on the "where are they now" map! (See the red button at the top of the Classmates page.)
Get your old photos ready and go to the photo albums tab. Upload them to the appropriate album! Next you can go to the RSVP tab. Once you've filled it out, you will be added to the Who's Coming list.
OK, you've said you're coming. But there is stuff to pay for so, sadly, you also need to buy a ticket for each person who's coming, at the bargain price of $105 each. Go to the Buy Reunion Tickets tab of this site to get it done. Once you've paid, you'll see a satisfying check mark by your name in the "Who's Coming" tab of this site.
If you have trouble using the site or entering information, no worries -- just send what you want to put in, with pictures attached, to the site admin at david_black@post.harvard.edu, and I'll take care of it.
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